CFR Fundraising Resources for Faculty and Staff

Temple University’s Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) helps faculty and staff pursue foundation and/or corporate support on both regional and national levels. Faculty and program directors should work with their school’s, college's development team to notify CFR of potential proposals or organizational partnerships. For additional information, please contact the Office of CFR to discuss potential proposals or organizational partnerships.

Funding Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

  • CFR manages relationships between the University and corporate and foundation partners. CFR can assist faculty by:

    • Identifying funding opportunities
    • Advising faculty and administration on how to make a strong case for support
    • Reviewing, revising, and editing proposals prior to submission
    • Contacting CFR partners on behalf of faculty and staff
  • Outside of CFR, Temple faculty, staff, students, and researchers may also find grant-seeking and grant-writing resources through:

  • This year, in partnership with the Office of Vice President for Research and with Hanover Research Consultants, three workshops were offered for Temple University faculty and staff.

    Materials from the workshops can be found here:

    Please check back in the Fall for information on our next workshop series. For questions or further information, please contact Julie Erhart.

  • CFR focuses on securing philanthropic funding by building relationships with private foundations, corporate foundations, and other businesses to support Temple’s priorities, including student and faculty initiatives, innovative programming, and capital improvements. CFR works in collaboration with the Office of the Vice President for Research Administration (OVPR) to assist faculty and staff seeking external funding. The Grants Management Division of the OVPR is responsible for submitting all proposals for grants and contracts for research to public agencies, private non-profit research organizations, and business partners (agreements and contracts).

    Faculty and program directors may not apply for or receive grants directly from external organizations without receiving university approval. This ensures that applications comply with university regulations regarding budget approval, cost-sharing, space and equipment, research regulatory approvals, conflict of interest, etc.

  • OwlCrowd is the official crowdfunding site for Temple University. Projects from students, faculty, or staff at the university in need of funding are featured on and with support from the Office of Annual Giving fundraise to meet their goals. Modeled after Kickstarter and other popular crowdfunding sites, OwlCrowd is designed to give donors a way of making gifts that will have the biggest bang for their buck. It puts front and center grassroots, out-of-the-box projects at Temple that make an incredible difference – projects that may fall under the radar of traditional funding streams or major gift donors. OwlCrowd ensures they can continue to exist, thrive and grow.