Acres of Diamonds Circle

The Acres of Diamonds Circle honors those donors who have invested in Temple's future by including a gift to the university in their will, trust, or by beneficiary designation. Other members have named Temple in a life insurance policy, or have made tax-wise gifts that pay income back to the donor for life, with any remaining balance going to Temple.

The Acres of Diamonds Circle gets its name from the famous lecture by Temple's founder, Russell H. Conwell. In his lecture, Conwell spoke of his aspirations to democratize and widen the reach of higher education to make sure that no "diamonds" within society were left undiscovered. More than 130 years later, Temple's enduring commitment to accessible, affordable, and excellent education stays true to Conwell's vision.

Join a Visionary Circle

Today, the Acres of Diamond's Circle includes nearly 600 Temple alumni and friends. If you would like to join the Circle by simply letting us know of a legacy gift you have planned for Temple, contact Tom Yates today.

By joining the Circle, you may inspire other Temple benefactors to do the same. There are no dues or obligations in being a member, and you can remain anonymous if you wish.