Scholarships and Student Support

Your Gift to Scholarships Unlocks Opportunity

Temple students are driven to succeed. They have a special determination to rise above expectations and realize their full potential. Look at your own life. If you are a Temple graduate, you take pride in this shared resolve.

But success is harder to achieve when financial obstacles stand in the way. No matter how focused we are on making a Temple education affordable, too many students must make tough decisions because of finances. Some take a semester off or hold down a second job to make ends meet. Our graduates often enter the marketplace with burdensome debt. The average unmet need for Temple students is $11,000 per year.

Donor-funded scholarships enable students to take a firm hold of opportunity. With fewer financial pressures, students can carry full course loads and have more time to devote to studies. They begin to write new Temple success stories, like the ones you can read about on our Gifts in Action page.

Scholarship Giving Gives You An Opportunity, Too

Support scholarships in general or designate a gift to match your interests in one of two ways:

Immediate-use Scholarships

Most scholarship giving, especially at common annual giving levels, supports “term funds,” which allow Temple the flexibility to direct funding to where it will have the greatest impact. These gifts are immediately distributed to Temple students over a specified timeframe.

Endowed/Named Scholarships

With a gift of $50,000 or more, you can create your own Temple legacy by endowing a scholarship. The most permanent of gifts, an endowed fund keeps giving back. Its principal is invested in the university’s endowment, while the fund generates a reliable income stream supporting one or more students each year.

Some endowed scholarships can be named after the donor, an entire family, a class year or someone you want to honor in the most lasting way—such as a Temple professor who changed your life.

Endowed scholarships are also an excellent way to direct your philanthropy. Perhaps you want to support students at a specific school, college, those pursuing a particular area of study, or those from a similar background. You can focus your endowed scholarship on what you care about most.

Please consider supporting Temple scholarships and help make a high-quality university education accessible and affordable for our future leaders.

Support Students and Scholarships