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Every gift to Temple makes us a place of greater opportunity, stronger community and ever-more-excellent academics. Whether you are contributing to the Temple Fund, endowing a scholarship or directing your giving to a specific school, college or program, your generosity touches the lives of our students. Need proof? Check out the stories and examples below to see what our students have to say about the impact of your support.

Featured Student

Devon Tucker

As a freshman at Temple University, Devon Tucker, CST ’20, was determined to experience everything college has to offer: challenging classes with top-notch faculty, late-night study sessions and participating in intercollegiate athletics. He believed, based on his experience, that he’d have to do it all himself. “Growing up, I knew I had two choices: create a path for success on my own, or wait for someone to make it for me,” Devon recalls. “My expectations were higher than most, and I never settled for less—which made me take on [my college experience] head-on.”

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