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Quaiser Abdullah, CLA ’03, EDU ’07, ’14

“The person who has $5 shouldn’t die with $5 in his pocket. He should die with $2.50. Giving is a very important thing, regardless of what you have.”

Quaiser AbdullahQuaiser Abdullah, CLA ’03, EDU ’07, ’14, is a current Ph.D. student, a young alumnus and a Temple faculty/staff member. But he is giving what he has – and then some – to help others in the Temple community.

With the support of his relatives, Abdullah is funding two new scholarships at the university. The Abdullah Family Making a Difference Scholarship will be awarded to College of Education students who volunteer at a Muslim school or mosque and participate in interfaith or religious work or conflict resolution trainings. The Abdullah Family Lifelong Learner Scholarship will go to nontraditional students who volunteer in interfaith or diversity service and are enrolled in the College of Education or the religion program in the College of Liberal Arts.

Both scholarships are for Philadelphia residents with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and a demonstrated financial need. Both awards reflect the impact Temple has had on Abdullah. At nearly 22-years-old when he started taking classes, he was a nontraditional student when he was working on his first degree. He’s now working on his third and is also a full-time employee in the Computer and Information Services department, as well as an adjunct professor in the College of Education and the College of Science and Technology.

“I’m really Temple Made,” he says.

Abdullah’s experiences at Temple have fit neatly with his Islamic faith. He was president of the Muslim Students Association and delivers sermons on campus. Out in the community, he is a leader at the Quba Institute Islamic school in West Philadelphia and is involved in a variety of interfaith activities, including at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia.

Abdullah says his religion’s emphasis on charity and service influenced his decision to create the two scholarships. At the same time, his many years at Temple have informed his religious activities and community work.

“The best way I can phrase it is that Temple helped me transform and develop into who I am and who I want to be. But this is also an institution that can help others develop into change agents. That’s why I’m giving what I have to help the students here.”

When students and Temple community members like Quaiser give what they have, amazing things can happen. Learn more about student giving or make a gift.