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Russell Conwell Center Book Fund: Develop Minds

Russell Conwell Center Book FundRussell Conwell Center Book FundRussell Conwell Center Book FundRussell Conwell Center Book Fund

$5,000 will seed the RCC’s Textbook Loan Program.


For centuries, textbooks have been the currency of education. While they may now include DVDs and QR codes, they remain an integral part of every student’s coursework. And yet, the cost of books is very rarely accounted for – much less covered – by financial aid, student loans and private scholarships. Even where students save for the cost of next semester’s textbooks, changing classes or simple delivery delays can put students far behind weeks into a semester. For as much as professors try to allow their students to purchase used books, as much as the bookstore offers to buy back books at the end of the semester, book costs remain, for students of every socioeconomic situation, almost entirely an out-of-pocket expense.

The Russell Conwell Center (RCC) is dedicated to empowering students, particularly at-risk students and those who struggle financially, and one of their smaller programs is also one of the most used – the Textbook Loan Program. This vital program allows the staff of the RCC to purchase texts to fill a student borrowing library, making sure that the center always has textbooks from required core classes on-hand and that no student falls behind simply for lack of resources.

The RCC is seeking to raise $5,000 to seed this important program, and with the costs of textbooks often as high as $150-250, every gift, no matter how small, will make an incredible difference for at least one student in one class. Taken together, $5,000 would ensure that the RCC Textbook Loan Program is well seeded, and its students always empowered.