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Vertical Herb Garden: Go Green

Vertical Herb GardenVertical Herb GardenVertical Herb Garden

$2,000 will add capacity to a student-run herb garden that supports dining services and teaches sustainability.


Urban gardening has become an increasingly important project for agriculture, the food industry and city dwellers at large. Locally-sourced food is fresher, tastes better, promotes a small carbon footprint and supports communities. And teaching the skill helps give students hands-on experience not just in horticulture, but in the spirit of community and sustainability that they can then take with them, back to their neighborhoods and families.

The Vertical Herb Garden in Johnson and Hardwick Dining Hall on Temple’s Main Campus has been a much-beloved pet project among Temple students, with support from the Philly Urban Creators and the Office of Sustainability. Students after a hard day of classes throw off their backpacks and put on their gloves, painstakingly and lovingly growing mint, cilantro, basil and more…ingredients that then supply the dining hall (also helping, if ever so slightly, to keep dining costs down).

With $2,000, this “best kept secret” can be expanded, with added bays, funds for maintenance and more lights, soil and plants. A little goes a long away, and together we can help advance not just the garden but the sense of sustainability, efficiency, responsibility and community that it entails.