Phi Beta Kappa: Books in Homes for Dunbar Elementary
$3,000 to promote literacy among Philadelphia youth
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UPDATE (5/3): We have hit our goal with just over 24 hours until the close of OwlCrowd IX! Thanks to the generosity of our donors, every student at Dunbar Elementary will receive 3 books. If you would still like to support, gifts past goal will enable us to provide even more books to Dunbar students!

 Research suggests that 2/3 of students who can’t read proficiently by the end of 4th grade are at risk of ending up in prison or on public support as adults. These at-risk children face very long odds if they hope to ever catch up with their peers.

The Temple University Rho Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is proud to partner with Books in Homes USA to provide books to students at Paul L. Dunbar Elementary School, located adjacent to Weiss Hall on Temple Main Campus.

We’ll address the problem of “booklessness” by providing elementary students with quality books of their own choosing to increase literacy skill development and promote a lifelong love of reading.

This funding will allow students to select high-quality books from an age-appropriate list. Students can keep their books and take them home to share and build their home library. Even the smallest gift can help us reach our goal and increase literacy opportunities:

  • Just $5 can purchase 3 books for Dunbar students.
  • $25 can purchase 15 books.
  • $75 can purchase 45 books.
  • $150 can purchase 90 books.
  • $3,000 will help us provide books for ALL STUDENTS AT DUNBAR ELEMENTARY!

Learn more about Books in Homes USA.

Donor Honor Roll

  • Michael Hunter

  • Susan Mudambi

  • Kay Rock

  • Gina Funches

  • Erica Hess

  • Gretchen DiSciascio

  • Marsha Weinraub

  • Richard Wall

  • Daniel Silverman

  • Audra Winn

  • Janice Saunders

  • Richard Deeg

  • Jill Jacobs

  • Gail Friedman

  • Carolyn Adams

  • Ellen Whittemore

  • Marie T. McEntee

  • Roni Marks

  • Joanna Grisham

  • Kathryn Petrich

  • Will Lu

  • Yolanda Wisher

  • Jonathan Dunkle

  • Kate Dickey

  • Marquita Atkinson

  • Kathleen Oliaro

  • Colin Hammar

  • Jan Krzywicki

  • Atsuko Takase

  • Lauren Mcduffie

  • Xiaoyang Sun

  • Esther Bliss

  • Cyril Ireland

  • Paula Robison

  • Jay Lockenour

  • Donna Corbin

  • Martha Davis

  • Linda Brown

  • Paul Weizer

  • Jeff and Sue Thomas

  • Jill Anderson

  • Marquise Stancil

  • Antisha Meisner

  • Robert Solomon

  • Alissa Thornton

  • Rachel Broder

  • Priscilla Bright

  • Heidi Grunwald

  • Stephen McFate

  • Helen Miamidian

  • Allen Castor

  • Jesse Wilson

  • Alan Singer

  • Stephanie Fiore

  • Melissa Gilbert

  • Lila Berman