Ambler EarthFest 2017: Transportation Angels
$5,000 to provide local children an invaluable environmental education
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UPDATE (4/27): EarthFest is tomorrow and we have already blown past our goal! Thanks to the generosity of everyone who participated in OwlCrowd we will be able to bring 1,350 children to EarthFest! There is still a week left until OwlCrowd IX ends, and although we have hit our goal you can still support and give Transportation Angels a jumpstart for 2018!

EarthFest 2017 is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jeffrey Featherstone, whose vision, guidance and leadership helped create an outdoor, educational experience for the next generation of leaders.

At Temple University Ambler’s EarthFest, thousands of students from all over the region come together to spend time learning about the world in which we live and the interconnected systems on which the lives of people and animals depend.

Without EarthFest, thousands of students and guests will miss out on dozens of hands-on learning experiences designed to help make the future brighter for the whole planet! Along with our many EarthFest exhibitors, we’re making an investment in environmental education each year.

EarthFest logoWill you help us bring students to EarthFest 2017?

Your support helps Temple University Ambler Campus bring K–12 students to EarthFest 2017. Temple’s annual outdoor educational celebration of Earth Day, EarthFest will be held on Friday, April 28. (Donations received after April 28 will support EarthFest 2018.)

EarthFest promotes environmental awareness using sustainable concepts, methods and practices to protect and preserve our environment. At EarthFest, students interact with more than 85 exhibitors as diverse as the Elmwood Park Zoo, Franklin Institute, National Park Service and Environmental Protection Agency. Students can even have exhibits of their own!

Why support EarthFest 2017—Transportation Angels?

Temple University Ambler established the Transportation Angels program to help as many schools as possible attend the event by helping to defray the cost of buses used to travel to EarthFest. Without this funding, many schools will not be able to attend.

We need your help to ensure that all students are given the opportunity to learn ways to preserve and protect our environment and live sustainably. The cost of transportation to the event, however, can be prohibitive for schools. One bus can cost more than $200!

Supporting Transportation Angels today means helping students learn important lessons about preserving the planet for tomorrow! Donations directly assist schools in genuine financial need. All gifts—no matter the size—will help area schools cover the cost of attending the event and allow more children to enjoy a full day of learning how to become dedicated environmental stewards.

EarthFest welcomes thousands of students each year from a five-county region and beyond, but we want to ensure that every school that would like to attend has the means to do so.

Our children are going to inherit this world. They need to know how to care for it now!

Meeting our goal of $5,000 will help bring more than 1,250 students to EarthFest 2017.

Gifts of all sizes make a difference:

  • $12 supports the attendance of 3 schoolchildren.
  • $25 supports the attendance of 6 schoolchildren.
  • $50 supports the attendance of 12 schoolchildren.
  • $100 supports the attendance of 25 schoolchildren.
  • $200 covers the cost of a school bus!

Donor Honor Roll

  • Eric Rivera

  • Tracy Purdy

  • Wendy Clavin

  • Jamal Davis

  • James Dicker

  • Julia Davis

  • Donna Panzo

  • John Wilson

  • Marcia Whitaker

  • Gina Funches

  • Dunham Mcmanus

  • Mary Ammon

  • Tara Stasik

  • Kelli Mulligan

  • Diane Turner

  • Jeffrey Doshna

  • Pina Fratamico

  • Verna Mae Rasing

  • Sharon McHugh

  • Robert Mason

  • Maryjane S. Kirkpatrick

  • Marcia Whitaker

  • James Duffy

  • Vicki McGarvey

  • Angela Curry

  • Wanda Lewis-Campbell

  • Mike Bavas

  • Link Martin

  • Jody Sprague

  • Janine Warnas

  • Barbara Kirsch

  • Dr. Kevin Ellison Sr. DCom

  • Tina and Stan Kourakos

  • Crisbel Baez

  • Cathy Kelly

  • Anthony Luongo

  • Theresa A. Powell

  • Nerisa Lyn Rasing

  • Kim Sabourin

  • Frank Bowman

  • Dorothy Busillo

  • Reid Overturf

  • The Schiel Family Foundation

  • Nicole Westrick

  • Angela Davis

  • Carolyn Schmitt

  • Susan Sacks

  • Michelle Morales

  • Maria Bavas

  • Kevin McGettigan

  • Karen Sapp

  • Rhonda Geyer

  • Rachel Berger

  • Sonya Whitehead

  • Barbara Jean Bryant

  • Michael Reynolds

  • Nathaniel Scott

  • Tamika Peay

  • Sandi Thompson

  • JoAnne Epps

  • Sean Daly

  • Southwest Belmont Community Association

  • Kimberly Pennente

  • Yuhua Cao