Philadelphia Aphasia Community at Temple
$5,000 to provide no-cost aphasia therapy
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Though it affects more than one million Americans and 100,000 acquire it each year, most Americans have never heard of aphasia. Aphasia is a language disorder that results in difficulty talking, writing, reading and understanding spoken language. As a result, aphasia limits the ability of those affected to communicate.

You can make a difference in the life of someone affected by supporting the Philadelphia Aphasia Community at Temple (PACT).

PACT is facilitated by Temple students and faculty from the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders and offers therapeutic groups for people with aphasia. Our groups help build communication ability and reduce social isolation.

PACT provides those suffering from aphasia a supportive environment. As one of our group members said, “The community comes together through PACT.” PACT also offers Temple communication science and rehabilitation therapy students the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a clinical setting.

Our groups are offered at no cost to participants, because most have very limited resources to pay for services. Therefore, donations are vital to our success. With your help, we can continue to support our group members and purchase technology to facilitate our vital communication therapy programs:

  • $30 will help support one client in one group (we currently work with 12 groups of 6 people with aphasia).
  • $66 will print 75 brochures to help publicize PACT in the community so that we can assist more people in need.
  • $300 will provide a traditional projector to display images of people or places to aid in developing communication.
  • $300 will provide an Elmo projector, which can project a photograph or document onto a screen without needing to scan it.
  • $1,600 will provide a Smart Board.

Click here to learn more about PACT.

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