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The truth about how YOUR giving impacts Temple

There are some common misconceptions about giving back to Temple, how the university is funded and what the university does with private support. The truth is, philanthropy translates into critical funding for our schools, colleges, scholarships, programs, and educational experiences that help drive students’ success and Temple’s contributions to Philadelphia and the world.

Here are some of the common myths about giving to Temple – and the facts that debunk them!

Myth #1: Temple is a public school. It gets all the money it needs from Pennsylvania.



State appropriations account for approximately 11% of Temple’s more than $1.3 billion operating budget. That means 89% of Temple’s educational enterprise is funded by tuition, fees, other revenue and private support.

Did you know?

When you give back, you are funding Temple’s educational enterprise in ways beyond what state support provides. Private giving directly influences Temple’s momentum, fueling:

  • Soaring academic rankings—like our record climb in U.S.News & World Reports
  • Top faculty recruitment
  • Record-breaking enrollments

Donors make Temple one of the fastest up-and-coming institutions in the country. With growing research expenditures and a booming entrepreneurial culture, Temple’s surge is only beginning. Be a part of it!

Myth #2: Temple has thousands of alumni, it doesn’t need me.



Are you one of the 7% of Temple alumni who give back each year? Beyond money, giving—at any level—helps to increase Temple’s giving participation rates, a key indicator of success for ranking organizations. That’s an opportunity for 93% of Temple Owls who believe in their university—the students, scientific and artistic advances, and our community— ensuring Temple's success.

Did you know?

Alumni giving is a vote of confidence in the state of the university—and Temple’s stock is on the rise. The percentage of alumni who give, regardless of the amount, reflects our alumni community’s belief in a Temple education—prospective students and families, external funding agencies, and ranking organizations measure alumni satisfaction with this percentage. Join the count!

Myth #3: I can only give a small amount. That won’t help Temple.



When Owls work together, amazing things are accomplished. 37,425 Temple donors— each giving $10 to $999—were able to give more than $3.94 million for Temple last year. That’s the cost of tuition for more than 258 students. Helping make Temple better for the future is a collaborative effort—join your fellow Owls!

Did you know?

Gifts of any size make a difference: one $50 gift can help fund a student career event; six gifts of $250 provide a community education workshop; 10 gifts of $100 can offer an annual scholarship; and 50 $10 gifts can be used to improve technology and labs across campus. When Temple Owls come together to give, the impact is limitless. Think of what we can accomplish together!

Ready to make YOUR impact?

Now that you know the facts, choose to make a difference for Temple’s educational experience.

Temple’s 16 schools and colleges, nine campuses, hundreds of degree programs and more than 38,000 students combine to create one of the nation’s most comprehensive and diverse learning environments. In neighborhoods, across disciplines and on a global stage, members of the Temple community are making things happen.

Join the donors powering Temple’s progress.

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